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We are an independent, privately owned investment and wealth management firm serving select families and small to mid-sized businesses. We are committed to providing our clients a fully integrated wealth management experience - unbiased advice, tailored strategies, superior risk-adjusted investment management and tax efficiency

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Fairhaven Wealth Management (formerly RH Financial) serves both affluent individuals and small and medium size businesses. Families and individuals rely on our planning and wealth management skills in seeking to preserve, diversify, and grow their wealth. Businesses select us for our 401K, Profit Sharing, and Defined Benefit expertise. Among financial professionals, we are known for our sophisticated, retail Fairhaven Portfolios and

our fee-only 401k platform that features eight core funds and six professionally managed Fairhaven Portfolios--all with long-term track records. 


We invite you to call us today and see if the Fairhaven way is the right path for you.