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The Fairhaven Way /fair•haven/:  1. Listen more than we speak  2. Provide unbiased financial advice  3. Tailor strategies to your goals  4. Deliver prudent investment management  5. Focus on tax-efficiency  6. Remain disciplined in a world of uncertainty  7. Communicate candidly & consistently

Fairhaven Wealth Management, LLC is an independent, privately owned investment and wealth management firm serving select families and small to mid-sized businesses.  At Fairhaven, our commitment is simple - we exist to

serve our clients ... period.  Our culture of service and accountability combined with prudent risk management and tax-efficiency are the cornerstones of our client commitment. 

I Fairhaven Wealth Management ... we're a little different.

Market Downturns E-Book:

Smart Things To Do That Many Will Not

Noah built the ark BEFORE the rain came. Don't wait for the next market downturn and all the talking heads that pop up telling you what to do. Now is the time to make sure you and your financial plan are prepared. In this e-Book, we provide you strategies to help you weather whatever the markets may bring.


The Fairhaven Journal: Winter 2021


Newsletter? How dare you! We think there is much more to financial planning than numbers. In addition to up-to-the-minute financial planning strategies, inside The Journal you will find wide-ranging perspectives on healthcare, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, culinary ideas, team member profiles, and more. Some people have called The Journal the best thing they have seen in the financial services industry!


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