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Sponsored by Fairhaven Wealth Management and in partnership with the Wheaton Chamber of Commerce, tune in to The Local to hear wide-ranging conversations with businesspeople, community leaders and maybe even your next door neighbor from right here in Wheaton, Illinois, USA. If your experience is like others, you might laugh, you might cry but you will definitely walk away thinking “I never knew…”

Hosted by Marc Horner, founder of Fairhaven Wealth Management located on Roosevelt Road in Wheaton, Marc and his family are relative newcomers to Wheaton having lived here for only 15 years.

Co-Hosted by Vickie Austin, president of the Wheaton Chamber of Commerce, Vickie has been a Wheaton resident since 1994 and made a career of developing relationships and helping others share their stories. 

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Episode #26 - Matt Biscan

EPISODE SUMMARY An inspirational listen as Matt takes you through his jobs as a young man and how the experiences and connections led him to climb the education systems ladder of success. Get his views on the state of the current education system and how computer labs are out and the wood shop is back! Do you have an idea for a guest on The Local? Reach out to us at SHOW CONTRIBUTORS CUSD 200 Flint Rock Fairhaven Wealth Management Wheaton Chamber of Commerce

Episode #25 - Marc Horner

EPISODE SUMMARY The podcast tables were recently turned on the co-host of The Local when our own Marc Horner appeared as a guest with Mindy and Louis Diamond of Diamond Consultants. Listen in on the story of Fairhaven, how Marc regularly steps out of his comfort zone and the award-winning commercials he created that parody and poke fun at the tightly-wound world of Wall Street. Audio courtesy of Diamond Consultants – Financial Advisor Recruiters and Consultants. Find the original episodes of the Diamond Podcast from Diamonds Consultants at Do you have a guest idea for The Local? Reach out to us at SHOW CONTRIBUTORS Diamond Consultants - Financial Advisor Recruiters and Consultants Flint Rock Fairhaven Wealth Management

Episode #24 - Mike Gresk Part 2

EPISODE SUMMARY Mike continues his stories and his love for helping and being part of a solution. He was an integral part of Wheaton’s history when voting out the prohibition of alcohol. In the spirit of giving back, he tries to find different commissions in town that may benefit from his diverse background. Mike’s fun, lighthearted larger-than-life persona will have you laughing along the entire time! SHOW CONTRIBUTORS Flint Rock Fairhaven Wealth Management Wheaton Chamber of Commerce City of Wheaton

Episode #23 - Mike Gresk Part 1

EPISODE SUMMARY A fascinating listen, this renaissance man regales us with stories of living overseas to becoming Mayor of Wheaton. An admitted Anglophile, he fondly discusses belonging to the Samuel Pepys club. A club dating back to 1903, as well as a well-kept secret club right here in Wheaton. Stay tuned for the second part of Mike's interview coming next week! SHOW CONTRIBUTORS Flint Rock Fairhaven Wealth Management Wheaton Chamber of Commerce City of Wheaton

Episode #22 - Matt LaFond & Terry Hanley

EPISODE SUMMARY Enjoy hearing about a one stop treasure trove of rich history and unparalleled culture at Cantigny Park and Golf. Find out which cartoon character has a sand trap dedicated to them! After listening, it’s very likely you’ll plan a day to enjoy their famous renowned gardens, tour their military artifacts or perhaps a round of golf.

Episode #21 - Gwen Henry

EPISODE SUMMARY Meet this no-nonsense, crack-whipping cancer survivor who we love overseeing our county’s budget! Enjoy a fascinating listen of how collecting our taxes is just the beginning of the process. Gwen gives insight into how you can get involved and learn how to fight back against the machine!

Episode #20 - Dale Showalter

EPISODE SUMMARY He's so much more than a roofer! Dale shares one of his favorite quotes from Winston Churchill when asked to summarize his success: “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Dale said he has probably learned more from his failures than his strengths. It takes courage – a lot of courage – and faith, as well as surrounding yourself with an empowered team that has different strengths than yourself.

Episode #19 - Sarah Bowers

EPISODE SUMMARY Sarah began her career as an elementary school teacher which she credits as pivotal to becoming the CEO of her own company. Learn about Radon testing and how it is a 24/7 job! Sarah shares her secret to success from the courage it takes to be a woman in a predominately male-run industry to where she got her strong work ethic. SHOW CONTRIBUTORS Radon Testers Inc Flint Rock Fairhaven Wealth Management Wheaton Chamber of Commerce

Episode #18 - Bob Greene

EPISODE SUMMARY As seen on Shark Tank? Bob’s invention, although years in the making, put children’s art front and center – from the fridge to the walls! A Family-owned business through generational growth and mentoring, Bob is a firm believer that good old-fashioned customer service is the key to his success. Framing isn’t just putting a picture in a frame, it’s the art of carpentry and mechanical skills to bring your projects together. Bring in your treasures and he’ll help finish the story through his team's artistic vision.

Episode #17 - Evelyn Sanguinetti

EPISODE SUMMARY From the first Latina Lieutenant Governor of IL to changing laws for fair housing, Evelyn Sanguinetti proudly shares her journey from growing up in poverty to living in Springfield. A refreshing story of failure, humility, and hard work that made her famously known as The Sidewalk Lady, and how she uses her experiences to make Wheaton a desirable place for businesses to thrive!

Episode #16 - Mike Lewis & Chris Weed

EPISODE SUMMARY Mike and Chris both discuss the importance of their respective coaching jobs and how it correlates with success in business. They talk about ow failing is an important cornerstone in the journey to success, the power of networking and how it works from sports, business, and even a music career. They also discuss staying relevant and active to contribute to each other’s success. They both left Wheaton and ended up coming back because their roots were here and wanted the experience of growing up in Wheaton for their own children. SHOW CONTRIBUTORS Destra Capital Fairhaven Wealth Management Wheaton Chamber of Commerce

Episode #15 - The Local at the Cream of Wheaton 2023

EPISODE SUMMARY The Local goes on the road again - this time at the Cream of Wheaton! Among the fantastic live music, great food and drinks, and business expo, there's a lot of fun to enjoy! We get a behind-the-scenes peek into the work that goes into putting on such a huge event, as well as what the Cream of Wheaton means to residents, business owners, and community leaders. EPISODE NOTES Have a guest idea? Let us know! SHOW CONTRIBUTORS Flint Rock Wheaton Park District Fairhaven Wealth Management Wheaton Chamber of Commerce

Episode #14 - Judge Bonnie Wheaton

EPISODE SUMMARY Diversity of experience throughout her life started growing up moving homes 26 times and has continued through her years on the bench. Hear how her family tree crossed paths with the original founders of our fine city. Try not to feel too badly for yourself (we certainly did) when you learn Your Honor likes to relax by reading books in foreign languages when she isn’t winning ribbons for her sewing skills. Not only does this Emperor have clothes…she made ‘em! SHOW CONTRIBUTORS Bonnie Wheaton Flint Rock Fairhaven Wealth Management Wheaton Chamber of Commerce

Episode #13 - Steve Nache

EPISODE SUMMARY The formula resulting in Steve’s passion for the mission of St. Francis High School comes from an odd list of ingredients: Arizona + English literature + Seminary + European bike trips + Peddling wine = Go Spartans! SHOW CONTRIBUTORS St. Francis High School Flint Rock Fairhaven Wealth Management Wheaton Chamber of Commerce

Episode #12 - Sue Wahlgren

EPISODE SUMMARY Sue began her ambassadorship at Cosley Zoo 39 years ago, when there were just two employees. Today, the team is over 30, and they're proudly accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Only 10% of United States zoos enjoy this honor! Find out about their Junior Zoo Keeper program for kids ages 12-17, the buzz about their UnCorked wine event, their annual golf outing, and all the other ways the zoo has a positive impact on our community. This year they’re celebrating 40 years! SHOW CONTRIBUTORS Cosley Zoo Flint Rock Wheaton Park District Fairhaven Wealth Management Wheaton Chamber of Commerce

Episode #11 - Eric Schlickman

EPISODE SUMMARY Learn how Eric started out as a young foreman with Legos on the playground, then became an architect by trade. He has a truly fascinating story of how networking and past experiences helped him take the leap of faith into the restaurant business. Eric shares how his faith, work ethic, and family are all part of reshaping the social landscape of Wheaton. He also dishes on some of his exciting new projects. His recent exploits are even mentioned in the Daily Herald! By the time you’re done listening, you’re going to want to open your own business! SHOW CONTRIBUTORS Eric Schlickman 302 Wheaton Flint Rock Fairhaven Wealth Management Wheaton Chamber of Commerce

Episode #10 - Ron Austin

EPISODE SUMMARY Ron started his career at the former Big Eight firm Arthur Andersen & Co, and decided if he had to work this hard – he’d rather work for himself! With unwavering support from his wife, it was a leap of faith that paid off with a lot of hard work. What a badge of honor it was to cold call clients and develop a relationship that comes to fruition. In keeping with the changing times, from cold calling to having staff work remotely, Ron talks about how culture is pivotal to success. Including the challenges of keeping the younger workforce engaged and happy. Including support for working remotely yet trying to impart the importance of the hands-on experience of being in the office, where everyday conversations are some of the best learning experiences. SHOW CONTRIBUTORS Madison, Moyski, Austin, & Co Flint Rock Fairhaven Wealth Management Wheaton Chamber of Commerce

Episode #9 - Pam Sharar-Stoppel

EPISODE SUMMARY Pam shares her story of being a woman in business back in the day, when you had to basically ignore the fact that you had a family to become the Executive Vice President and Regional Market Head at Wintrust. The slogan “you’ve come a long way baby” rings true! Pam gives great advice about the satisfaction of mentoring, taking risks and constantly continuing to learn from everyone and everything. How technology is affecting our traditional way of banking and how she keeps her employees satisfied and engaged. SHOW CONTRIBUTORS Wintrust Financial Flint Rock Fairhaven Wealth Management Wheaton Chamber of Commerce

Episode #8 - Tony Payne

EPISODE SUMMARY A longtime resident of Wheaton, Tony Payne is the director of the Wheaton Artist Series, bringing world-class musicians to Wheaton College. An accomplished pianist, organist and singer in his own right, Tony shares about his passion for music, the opening of the new Armerding Center for Music and the Arts and the connection between the arts and business. EPISODE NOTES Find out who Yo-Yo Ma winked at and the possibility of Bag Pipes playing at Edman Memorial Chapel? Tony discusses the massive pivot from pre-pandemic in-person music entertainment to the new wave of live streaming and how they’re trying to bring back live performances. He shares his excitement for all things music and the new Armerding Center becoming the art center for the community.

Episode #7 - Karen Mills

EPISODE SUMMARY Karen advises her kids and young attorneys to be kind to themselves and be patient when chasing their aspirations. Growing up visiting family in Wisconsin, Karen is a big Packer fan and admires Eleanor Roosevelt. Although the Aronberg Goldgehn firm is 130 years old, they are new to the DuPage county area. Through investing in the community, with quarterly events giving back, they are hoping to expand their footprint. Karen also talks about the benefits of associations in your field, and how they become a family within a family. SHOW CONTRIBUTORS Aronberg Goldgehn Flint Rock Fairhaven Wealth Management Wheaton Chamber of Commerce

Episode #6 - Bob Hutchinson

EPISODE SUMMARY Bob has been a lifelong resident of Wheaton and knows where the bodies are buried – literally! As a matter of fact, as a young lad, he golfed amongst them. He reminisces of the good old days and is just as excited to see where Wheaton is headed. This story-rich interview goes from dunking to cocktail parties, and ping-pong balls! Also, more seriously Bob talks about how banking has affected customers during these turbulent times and how they’re faring the rate wars. How participating in community events is a way of giving back and teaching the younger generation the significance of this waning pastime. SHOW CONTRIBUTORS Wheaton Bank & Trust Bob Hutchinson Flint Rock LLC Fairhaven Wealth Management Wheaton Chamber of Commerce

Episode #5 - Betsy Adamowski

EPISODE SUMMARY Betsy explains how the Dewey Decimal system got a bad rap - it’s really a science! Did you know that you have a business in Wheaton you could get a library card– even though you don’t live here? Not to mention the resources, shelter, and sanctuary Wheaton Library offers for anyone in the public. With future plans to rebuild the West Side Plaza - free concerts are just one of the social services the Wheaton Library presents to our town. SHOW CONTRIBUTORS Flint Rock Fairhaven Wealth Management Wheaton Chamber of Commerce Wheaton Public Library

Episode #4 - Casino Night for the Museum

EPISODE SUMMARY Casino Night is an annual fundraiser hosted by the Wheaton Park District that benefits the DuPage County Historical Museum. Join us for an intimate, behind the scenes experience as we visit with the people that make it all happen. There are several “I never knew” moments where you’ll learn little known facts about the museum and the city of Wheaton. To name a few, you’ll find out where Al Capone lived in town to who coached “Bobby” DeNiro of Good Fellas in his movie Casino. Find out which are the best paying games, and which are heart breakers. Learn how this event got started, how it benefits the museum and how the museum serves the people of DuPage County. Settle in and enjoy this exclusive episode that will provide intriguing facts, revealing peeks behind the scenes and a few surprises thrown in during a night for the museum. SHOW CONTRIBUTORS Wheaton Park District Flint Rock Fairhaven Wealth Management Wheaton Chamber of Commerce

Episode #3 - Phil Suess

EPISODE SUMMARY Mayor Suess clears up the myth that his position is political – it’s purely service. His experience in finance as a Chartered Financial Analyst has helped the City of Wheaton make savvy financial moves including receiving a AAA credit rating! You’ll hear it first as the Mayor shares some of the exciting things on the horizon for Wheaton. SHOW CONTRIBUTORS Mayor Phil Suess City of Wheaton Flint Rock LLC Fairhaven Wealth Management Wheaton Chamber of Commerce

Episode #2 - Mark Bridges

EPISODE SUMMARY From corporate guy to entrepreneur, Mark Bridges, founder of Grandpa Frank’s Candy, turned his grandfather’s family recipe into a business that has taken Wheaton by storm. Hear how Mark made his transition from consulting into business ownership, what inspires him, and how he inspires us – and a little bit about his custom candy for Fairhaven Wealth Management! EPISODE NOTES Having learned from the namesake Hall of Famer College/High School leatherhead, Professor and Chef - Mark Bridges has learned from early on about a solid work ethic and how to give back. His caramel candies have a unique balance of an old school recipe with today’s technology! Mark explains how his background in consulting led to the idea of putting a QR code on each gift box of caramels! The message can be anything from personal pictures, a message from the company for corporate gifts or your business card delivered in a unique way! SHOW CONTRIBUTORS Grandpa Frank's Candy Fairhaven Wealth Management Wheaton Chamber of Commerce The Flint Rock

Episode #1 - Allison Orr

EPISODE SUMMARY Allison Orr leads the Downtown Wheaton Association, bringing fresh ideas and new programs to the stores and businesses located in the heart of Wheaton. In this episode, Allison shares about her background in the world of performance arts, the relationship between the DWA and the city, and a sneak preview into all the exciting things the DWA has planned for 2023. EPISODE NOTES Tax Payers are Thanking the City of Wheaton?! Allison Orr from the Downtown Wheaton Association discusses how there’s grant money being left on the table! Her goal through DWA is to support business owners to become Partners in Progress! She shares her pedigree and how her past experiences are going to help move Wheaton forward through the re-invention of local businesses assuring that Wheaton is the Best Choice for everything and anything you want in one place! SHOW CONTRIBUTORS Fairhaven Wealth Management Wheaton Chamber of Commerce The Flint Rock Downtown Wheaton Association

Guest List

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Bob Hutchinson, President of Wheaton Bank and Trust

Betsy Adamowski, Executive Director of Wheaton Public Library

Tony Payne, Associate Professor of Music, Director of Special Programs and Artist Series

Pam Sharar-Stoppel, Executive VP & Regional Market Head of Wintrust Bank

Mike Lewis (Managing Director) & Chris Weed (Marketing Director), Destra Capital

Dale ShowalterOwner Showalter Roofing

Ron AustinManaging Partner at Mathieson, Moyski, & Austin

Karen Mills, Partner, Aronberg, Goldgehn Attorney At Law

Steve Nache, VP Advancement St. Francis High School

Sue Wahlgren, Zoo Director at Cosley Zoo

Bonnie Wheaton, Judge for the 18th Judicial Circuit Court of Illinois

Bob Greene, Owner DuPage Framing Center

Evelyn Sanguinetti, Former Lieutenant Governor of IL 2015 - 2019

Matt Larson, Executive Director of the Wheaton Sanitary District

Paul Woodard, VP of Operations Ditka’s Restaurant Group

Terry Hanley (GM, Cantigny Golf) and Matt LaFond (Executive Director, Cantigny Park)

Eric Schlickman, Owner/Manager at 302 Wheaton

Matt Biscan, Principal of Wheaton North High School

Phil Suess, Mayor of Wheaton, Illinois

Mark Bridges, Owner of Grandpa Frank's Candy

Allison Orr, Executive Director at Downtown Wheaton Association

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