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Phase 2, After "The Great Resignation"

Seeking a #newcareer? You’re not alone. “The #GreatResignation” is causing almost 40% of surveyed #Americans to seek a totally #newjob, according to The Motley Fool:

Career changes, or “Phase Two,” are very common topics in client conversations. So much so, they inspired one of the Fairhaven #art pieces, “Emanzipation No. 6.” Intentionally broken at the top, the person in the suit is running from his traditional corporate job toward something else. We are deep thinkers here at Fairhaven! Stop by and check out ALL our art!

If art isn’t your thing and you just have to see something in writing, check out our case study, and learn how we helped a #client break away from the confines of the #stuffedsuit #world. We just might be able to help you, too:

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