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Wealth management or financial planning means different things to different people. Some clients want to focus on retirement readiness and others are interested in a comprehensive relationship including coordination with their tax, legal and other advisors. As an independent firm, we are not restricted by a corporate “Approved List” of services. We encourage our clients to share with us any need. To get a better sense of our range of services and our culture check out what some* have called “The Best Intro to Wealth Management Video…Ever Created”:

*By “some” we mean us. OK, we have to work on our humility.

I Financial Planning


Income Tax Planning

We consider the effect of federal and state income taxes and develop strategies accordingly.


Cash Flow Forecasting

We forecast cash flow from the investment portfolio and other assets, as appropriate.



We consider various philanthropic solutions and prepare recommendations aligned with our clients’ goals.


Family Education

We help younger generations understand the core concepts in personal finance to help them develop their own solid financial habits.








I Portfolio Design


Asset Allocation

We diversify within a broad range of asset classes identifying possible inefficiencies and market opportunities.


Investment Strategy

We identify global trends and monitor macroeconomic conditions and asset flows which might impact strategic decisions within client portfolios.


Manager Selection & Due Diligence

With access to a variety of industry databases we identify, evaluate and monitor investment managers from around the world.  As an independent firm, we are free to select only those managers whom we believe will best help our clients achieve their goals.


Tracking & Reporting

We assist our clients in monitoring assets we manage in addition to those assets outside of our responsibility.  Our reporting provides clients a consolidated view of their entire balance sheet and helps us to better advise them on their overall financial planning.








I Corporate Retirement Plans


Fiduciary Consulting and Investment Advisory

We can help design and monitor your Investment Policy Statement; provide an annual fiduciary review; develop and monitor the plan investment menu including QDIA.


Vendor and Plan Benchmarking

We assist with the Request for Proposal (RFP) process from initial data collection to analysis and recommendations through implementation.  As an independent firm, we are free to recommend only those providers whom we believe will best help the plan and the plan participants.


Fee Analysis

Plan sponsors should have a clear understanding of the services being offered, the associated fees and whether these fees are reasonable. We conduct periodic fee analysis comparing the services received and fees paid with those available in the overall marketplace.


Education and Participant Communication

Effective participant education and communication is an element of any successful retirement plan.  Coordinating with the plan sponsor we deliver campaigns designed to generate better plan awareness and increase participation and deferral rates.








I Other Services


A financial planning relationship should include analysis of more than just stocks and bonds.  To help our clients access comprehensive solutions, we maintain relationships with a network of experts on a range of topics including:


• Tax Compliance/Preparation

• Legal - Estate Planning, M&A and Corporate Law

• Property, Casualty, Liability & Life Insurance Evaluation

• Trust Administration


As an independent firm we are not restricted by a corporate “approved list” of services.  We encourage our clients to share with us any need.