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Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, professional musician and producer CJ Teffner has logged countless hours of studio production time rubbing shoulders with some of the heavyweights in the music industry.


In addition to working behind the scenes at the mixing console, CJ is equally accomplished in the studio and out on the road wielding the ax (that’s a guitar for those of us less familiar with music slang) as a “hired gun” guitarist.  “Over the years, I’ve worked with a variety of different artists playing many different styles. Being comfortable with and accomplished in a wide range of styles continues to open up some really interesting opportunities.”, CJ says.

Appreciation for and exposure to such a broad range of music helped shape the sounds of his latest album, “Stars”.  In a recent interview, CJ described “Stars” as “a bit dark and dreamy,” driven by acoustic guitars, piano and cello.  “There’s

a lot of emotion in the songs, they’re pretty personal, wrestling with some of my inner demons and making friends with them...they’re much better as friends”, laughs CJ.

A fan of collaboration, CJ’s latest album features the vocal stylings of Robyn Cage. “Robyn and I have worked together on some other projects.  She has a very clear and honest voice with impressive conviction and delivery.  When I wrote the song Meant to Fit, her voice popped into my head and I knew she’d be perfect for it!”

Raised in a musical family (his grandfather, mom, dad, aunt and uncle were all musicians), CJ got his start as a 9-year-old amateur percussionist, banging on the family coffee table with wooden spoons. Next came piano and guitar lessons and by high school, he was performing in all three school bands; concert, jazz and marching.  “My high school music teacher, Mr. Solt, had a huge impact on me and my music.  He encouraged me and supported me so much; he even wrote me notes to get out of study hall so I could jam in the band room! He was one of those teachers you hear about who make a real difference in a kid’s life.”

When not in the studio or performing, CJ and his wife enjoy having their adult daughter back at home after years studying abroad.  And all three love to watch their Doberman, Xena, run the neighborhood golf course doing battle with the evening sprinklers. IIII

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by David Wilson

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