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It’s your future. Time to start

owning the good, the bad, and

the ugly.

The Fairhaven Way /fair•haven/:  1. Listen more than we speak  2. Provide unbiased financial advice  3. Tailor strategies to your goals  4. Deliver prudent investment management  5. Focus on tax-efficiency  6. Remain disciplined in a world of uncertainty  7. Communicate candidly & consistently

Step into our office and meet the Fairhaven team.

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Ready to own your investment

Strategy? We’re here to help.

A team as unique as your

investment objectives.

We are looking forward to meeting with you! 

Please call us today to arrange an appointment. 

 (630) 990-9000

2015 Spring Road

Suite 230

Oak Brook




(630) 990-9000

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Fairhaven Wealth Management, LLC is an independent, privately owned investment and wealth management firm serving select families and small to mid-sized businesses.  At Fairhaven, our commitment is simple - we exist to serve our clients...period.  Our culture of service and accountability combined with prudent risk management and tax-efficiency are the cornerstones of our client commitment. 

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