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Seasoned wealth advisor Kurt Anderson works with many inevitable life shifts and subsequent financial challenges that his diverse clients routinely face. This keen adaption enables Kurt to ultimately resolve their critical long-term goals and

live their lives with clarity and comfort. Kurt’s big picture understanding, acute client awareness, precise goal setting and passion for the process importantly enable he and his clients to proceed with ease – even as unforeseen circumstances unfold. The test of his rich philosophy shows up not just in his work, but also at play. 


A few years ago, Kurt and his wife, Denee, brought their three young daughters on what seemed like an everyday hike through the Rocky Mountains. “As flatlanders from Illinois, we mistakenly didn’t factor in the elevation gain, which was 1,600 feet! It was a bigger challenge than what our girls anticipated.” Despite the steep incline, the Andersons pushed on through the hike and were rewarded with a refreshing dip in a waterfall at the summit – the payoff through perseverance and preparation. 


Kurt, who joined the Fairhaven team in 2017, is fascinated with “The beauty, vastness and history” that he finds on frequent invigorating family vacations like the one in the Rockies. He’s visited 13 of the 59 national parks and has placed the last 46
 on his bucket list. This summer, the Andersons plan to visit Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. “We’re looking forward to hiking amongst the world’s largest trees, exploring a cave and searching for wildlife,” Kurt explains. 


Kurt’s passion for the great outdoors rivals that for his work as a financial advisor, which was stoked in high school when he founded a junior investment club. Kurt subsequently developed a strong customer service acumen in his early career, contrary to common bottom-line trends he sees at work in many other finance firms. “Unfortunately, our industry has treated too many clients like a number, but at Fairhaven, I have joined a firm that listens to our clients and puts their best interests and goals first. I have discovered – over and over again – if you serve the client’s unique needs, if you listen for ways you can assist them, success tends to follow.” 


At Fairhaven, Kurt has integrated seamlessly into an organization founded on intelligence, teamwork and a truly unparalleled focus on clients. “The culture and the depth of knowledge at Fairhaven is fantastic. This positive and collaborative environment has benefited all of my clients. Our focus on serving a manageable group of clients well and offering a full set of tools and solutions under one umbrella has been an incredible advantage for me in this business. It is exciting to work in a firm that primarily expands its clients’ benefits and does not operate under the headline strategy of ‘Let’s Get Bigger’ for our benefit,” Kurt says.


Kurt’s career in financial management has uniquely prepared him for his role at Fairhaven. “I’ve been an advisor for 16 years and have the experience of working with clients through two major market downturns, but I am still young enough
to see clients through their retirements,” he notes. Kurt’s unique expertise includes working with clients to maximize their company’s retirement and pension plans. His focus also includes helping clients determine when to retire and applicable cash-flow modeling.

Kurt’s dedication to discovering workable plans for his clients at Fairhaven closely mirrors what he looks for while traversing a new national park. “I’m always trying a new adventure, learning a new fact and gaining a new perspective,” he remarks. With this approach, the goals of each and every client can not only be made, but achieved.


Wealth Advisor

Kurt Anderson

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