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The Fairhaven Way /fair•haven/:  1. Listen more than we speak  2. Provide unbiased financial advice  3. Tailor strategies to your goals  4. Deliver prudent investment management  5. Focus on being tax-smart 6. Remain disciplined in a world of uncertainty  7. Communicate candidly & consistently. 

Artists are rarely inspired by words like “Rebalancing, Beware Bubbles or Roth IRAs.” Fairhaven is different. Our office contains custom artwork inspired by these and other ideas that form the foundation of our principles and culture. As you wander around our website, you will see samples of this artwork. We extend to you an open invitation to visit our offices for an in-person experience. If you are like others, it will be time you will not forget.

Fairhaven Wealth Management ... We're a Little Different

The Best Intro to Wealth Management Video...Ever Created

What Services Do We Provide?

Wealth management or financial planning means different things to different people. Some clients want to focus on retirement readiness and others are interested in a comprehensive relationship including coordination with their tax, legal and other advisors. As an independent firm, we are not restricted by a corporate “Approved List” of services. We encourage our clients to share with us any need.


Financial Planning

  • Are you on track for retirement?

  • Is your portfolio too risky?

  • Could you be more tax-smart?


Corporate Benefits


There’s More

  • Have you benchmarked your 401k plan?

  • Should you consider a Cash Balance plan?

  • Are you providing quality education?

  • Could you borrow more efficiently?

  • Is your insurance appropriate (auto, home, life, umbrella, etc.)?

  • Do your tax, legal and financial advisors communicate?

Sometimes it’s easier to see bullet points in action. Check out the following Smart Strategy Guides to see how we’ve used what we do to make a difference for people just like you!

Smart Strategy Guides

Empty Nesters with Their Eye on Retirement

The Corporate Executive on The Rise

Mid-Career Business Owner Needs Long Term Strategy

Getting Off the Corporate Treadmill

Smart Strategy Guides

Speak to a Professional

Tour Our Cool Office!

Tour Our Office

Check Out Our Resources

College Mone Report™
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The Fairhaven Journal

Newsletter? How dare you! We think there is much more to financial planning than numbers. In addition to up-to-the-minute financial planning strategies, inside The Journal you will find wide-ranging perspectives on healthcare, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, culinary ideas, team member profiles, and more. Some people have called The Journal the best thing they have seen in the financial services industry!

College Money Report™

Get a fully customized report that demystifies your student's college financial aid outlook.

Your College Money Report™ gives you answers to 3 critical things every family needs to know before entering the college funding maze.

  1. How much colleges think you can afford.

  2. If you will qualify for grants and/or scholarships.

  3. How much you will be expected to pay out of pocket.


BONUS: Check out the Fairhaven White Paper - Tuition Intuition: Negotiating for College Costs. Yes, you can negotiate!

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Why the Name “Fairhaven”?

More Resources

Download Fairhaven Wealth Management's Most Popular Guides

Fairhaven Wealth Management firmly believes education is key in the retirement planning journey, which is why we’re offering FREE guides below at no cost or obligation to you.

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Market Downturns

Smart Things To Do

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Divorce Doublecheck

Look Before You Leap




What’s Next?

What we do isn’t for everybody. However, if you would like to learn more we would be happy to provide you a second opinion on your financial plan. If your experience is like others, you will walk away with a better understanding of where you stand relative to your goals. You might even uncover a few action items to add to your financial planning “To-Do” list….either with us or someplace else. Can you tell we are low-pressure?

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