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Fairhaven Wealth Management Gets Cool Office Props: Press Release

A leading registered investment advisor

y firm "… isn't your parents' financial planning office."

WHEATON, Ill., Oct. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Crain's Chicago Business recently released its report on "The Coolest Offices in

Chicago 2022." In that report the Crain's staff said, "At Fairhaven Wealth Management's office in Wheaton, the lobby features a giant Fairhaven logo hand-carved out of California redwood. The design is deliberate and bold, and hints this isn't your parents' financial planning office."

"The vision of our office design was to create an experience that communicated our culture without saying a word," said Marc Horner, Founder and CEO Fairhaven Wealth Management. "Whether guests to our

office be clients, potential clients, community leaders or the FedEx guy, they immediately know they are someplace different when they are greeted by a six-foot wide wooden hand-carving of our logo. And that just begins the "experience" of visiting our office."

The carving was commissioned by Doug Rowell aka "Carver Doug" In addition to Fairhaven, Carver Doug has worked on projects including a banjo for comedian Steve Martin, a guitar for Samuel L. Jackson and the clubhouse table for the television series "Sons of Anarchy". In fact, it was his work on the television crime drama about an outlaw motorcycle club that inspired Fairhaven's Horner.

Fairhaven art curator, Truman Rapp, recalls the evolution of the carving, "Marc threw out the idea that he thought the logo would look cool carved out of wood in a style like the Sons of Anarchy clubhouse table. I h

ave to admit, I did not quite get the connection between financial planning and outlaw motorcycle gangs. But part of the fun working with Marc and the Fairhaven team is how much they enjoy thinking creatively."

"We believe delivering a unique client experience starts by first taking care of our team," says Horner. "Part of that care is creating for them a unique and inspiring work environment. To have our space highlighted alongside multimillion-dollar offices reaching a half mile into the skies of Chicago is a pretty mean feat toward that goal!"

Today the Fairhaven team serves more than 450 clients across the country. For more information, visit

About Fairhaven Wealth Management

Fairhaven is an independent, privately-owned SEC-registered investment and wealth management firm. Our values are summed up in the Fairhaven Way /fair•haven/: 1. Listen more than we speak 2. Provide unbiased financial advice 3. Tailor strategies to client goals 4. Deliver prudent investment management 5. Focus on tax efficiency 6. Remain disciplined in a world of uncertainty 7. Communicate candidly & consistently. To learn more, visit Or follow the firm on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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Media Contact: Marc Horner Fairhaven Wealth Management Founder & Wealth Advisor

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